Patriot Success

Patriot Success

Patriot Success

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The Survey

What is Patriot Success?

Patriot Success is a campus-wide support initiative to help keep you on course to achieve your undergraduate student goals.

What is the Patriot Success “Beacon” Survey?

Whether you are a Freshman or a Senior, you want to keep track of how you are doing in your college career. It helps you see how you’re doing, identify programs and opportunities that interest you, and lets the Patriot Success team know if you need some additional support.

Who is eligible?

The Patriot Success survey and incentives are open to undergraduate, degree-seeking students only.  All students are welcome to participate in other Patriot Success programming.

When does the survey launch?

The Survey launches September 25, 2017.

How long does the survey take to fill out?

The time it takes to fill out the Patriot Success “Beacon” Survey varies, but can take about 10-15 minutes.

What are the ways I can take the survey?

  • Patriot Success Email
    • Check your Masonlive e-mail starting September 25th.
    • Login using your Mason username and password.
    • Print or take a screenshot of your results page to a Patriot Success Event.
  • Patriot Success Event

What if I did not get the email?

If you did not receive a link to the Patriot Success (Beacon) Survey in your MasonLive e-mail, you are most likely ineligible to participate in the survey. Only undergraduate, degree-seeking students can complete the survey.   If you deleted the e-mail with your unique survey link, wait for a reminder e-mail (reminders will be sent every 2-3 days during the survey administration period).  If you meet the eligibility requirements, but never received a survey link, you can e-mail for assistance.

What happens after I take the survey?

Once you finish your survey, you activate a network of faculty, staff, and peer leaders who can help support your success.  If you are a first year student, you will also see comparisons of your responses to other students who completed the survey, and a summary of Mason resources tailored to your individual needs.

*The Patriot Success “Beacon” Survey is only open to undergraduate, degree-seeking students.

You can win prizes, too!


You can win a number of great prizes by engaging in the Patriot Success survey. Beginning on the Launch day, students who show that they have completed the survey can receive exclusive Mason class t-shirts (while supplies last). In addition to class t-shirts, survey participants win a free parking permit, iPad, Amazon Fire Sticks, Beats headphones or speakers, and other Mason swag.

If you can’t make the Launch Day event, you can stop by kiosks in the Johnson Center daily from 11am-2pm during the two-week survey administration period.

  • Class T-Shirts (while supplies last)
  • iPad Mini
  • FitBits
  • Beats Pill
  • Kindle Fire Tablets
  • Fire TV Sticks
  • Shower Speakers
  • Free Parking

Prizes will be distributed at Kiosks in the Johnson Center daily in the Fall semester. Complete your survey early for more chances to win!