Patriot Success

Patriot Success

Patriot Success

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Transition FAQ

Mason is transitioning from Beacon to SSC-Campus!


Q: Who is affected by this change?

A: Mason faculty, staff, and student staff directly involved in student interventions from the Patriot Success initiative are most affected by this change.  Current users including Housing, Residence Life, and Off-Campus Programs will be learning a new system to capture conversations and interactions relevant to students’ success. Academic advisors currently using the system will now be able to communicate with a larger network of faculty/staff connected to students.


Q: What is SSC-Campus?

A: Student Success Collaborative (SSC-Campus) is an online system used to monitor student progress and connect students to resources to support their success in college.


Q: What is the connection to Patriot Success?

A: Patriot Success is a survey and series of targeted outreach and intervention efforts to increase undergraduate student retention, engagement, and success at George Mason University. SSC-Campus will be used to identify students who need direct support based upon survey responses.  The system will also be used to directly refer students to relevant offices and resources.


Q: What type of information will be available in SSC-Campus?

A: It depends on your role. We will be defining levels of access to SSC-Campus for a range of user groups in the coming months.



Q: When will this change occur?

A: The transition to SSC-Campus will begin on April 30, 2018, as we will be retiring our previous early alert system on that date. Trainings for new SSC-Campus users will be taking place during Summer and Fall 2018, and the Patriot Success survey will be administered during its regular dates (September 24-October 5).



Q: Where will SSC-Campus be used on campus?

A: A number of units already use SSC-Campus, but the system will be used in academic advising offices, Housing and Residence Life, Off-Campus Programs and Services, and a number of other common referral points.


Q: Where can I get more information?

A: You may contact any member of the Patriot Success Leadership Team with questions (Christian Barber, Emilie Dubert, Kim Holmes, Elysia Lash, Sally Lorentson, Tera Monroe, Kirk Vandebrooke), and more information will be posted periodically on the website.



Q: Why are we doing this? How will it help me in my work?

A: The move to SSC-Campus was made to allow faculty/staff/student staff to engage a more robust student success network.  Ideally, SSC-Campus will allow more people to get relevant information in a more timely fashion, and connect to colleagues who can provide necessary support to students. We anticipate that SSC-Campus will provide a better student experience that is integrated with systems students they already use.