Patriot Success

Patriot Success

Patriot Success

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The Scope

Questions on the survey include the three themes of Academic Success, Thriving, and Campus Engagement. Check out the information below to learn more.

The Review

Attend one, two, or all of our Patriot Success events during the start of the semester, including our Launch Day on September 24, 2018 where you will have an opportunity to pick up your Patriot Success t-shirt upon completion of the survey. Patriot Success Volunteers will be on staff to answer your questions and can review your individual results once you have completed the survey.

Academic Success

Academics are a top priority for you as a Mason student! We want to be sure you are succeeding, which usually means being sure to utilize the many resources the university offers. Check out a few of the many options to help support your academic success!

Professors – Your professors are the biggest academic resource at Mason! Make sure to use their office hours listed on your course syllabi.

Learning Services – Can assist students in developing more effective time management strategies, study skills, motivation, test taking strategies and more! One-on-one and group workshops available.

Writing Center – Free writing support, individual tutoring and workshops available in person and online.

Math Tutoring Center – Free tutoring for 100-200 level math classes (up to MATH 290).

Academic Advisors – Advisors can help you work through decisions related to course withdrawals, add/drop, guide you to resources and help you to make decisions.

Counseling and Psychological Services – Assists students with navigating personal issues and provides professional counseling services to students dealing with anxiety, depression, grief, and more.

Disability Services – Can help students with documented disabilities receive appropriate accommodations in their courses.



Do you know what it means to thrive? At Mason, our goal is to ensure you are successful in all aspects of your life! Thriving is a sign that you have integrated the many elements of your life to be successful.

to thrive: to flourish, prosper, advance, succeed

As a thriving student, you achieve balance across personal, social and academic domains. You are skilled at managing time, obligations, and relationships. You are adept at regulating thinking and feeling worlds, and use the right mix of physical activity, diet, sleeping, learning, loving and service to others for your self-care and well-being.

College students thrive academically by actively engaging in the learning process, discovering connections across what they know and what they do not. They are energized by their development, and grow increasingly curious, open to new ideas, and capable of critical thinking.

College students thrive intrarpersonally as their identities develop, and in that experience of becoming, build a positive perspective on life, a hopeful and resilient way to view life broadly, and a capacity for psychological flexibility that allows for perspective-taking and reframing of events, increasing their portfolio of strategies and coping skills to meet a life of inevitable challenge and growth. They find satisfaction from an infinite variety of experiences, moment to moment and across diverse academic and social arenas, and are pleased to take ownership and authorship of their day-to-day lives.

College students thrive interpersonally as they participate in meaningful connections with others and experience a sense of belonging and community in the college environment. They find their tribe, and then they find others. They cultivate a self-awareness of how they interact with systems, learn how to take advantage of resources and the opportunities they offer, what productivity feels like, the value of education, and learning outside of the classroom. From this awareness, they create a habit of openness, and a multi-cultural consciousness that awakens the citizen, the friend, the teacher and the change agent that is the fruit of their flourishing.

Are you thriving on campus? Check out these resources to help promote your well-being!

Advancement of Well-Being

Well-Being track of Patriot Experience

Well-Being Team in Student Involvement

Leadship Education and Development


Campus Engagement

Campus life is built to help you succeed as a student! We know that you have a lot going on in your life, and want experiences that fit you, your goals, and your future aspirations best.

Get connected to Mason Nation through campus-wide events, students organizations, trainings, leadership opportunities, student advocacy and personal interactions! There is so much happening at Mason, just for you!

Build your profile of opportunities at by browsing through various student organizations, campus events, and offices on campus here to help you get on track to success.