Patriot Success

Patriot Success

Patriot Success

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Build Your Team

Now it’s time to build your team!  Your success starts with you, but you don’t have to do it alone.  Use the links below to identify who can help you with academic advising, paying for college, getting you involved on campus, and supporting you in those tough classes.

Academic Advisor

Your advisor is your guide through your major curriculum and your experience in the academic community here at Mason and they can do much more than help you pick out classes.  Advisors can connect you to co-curricular experiences like research opportunities and study abroad programs that will fit into your schedule as well as extracurricular opportunities like joining a club or participating in intramurals.  And if you are having a challenging semester, they can get you connected to resources and put you back on track.

Advisor Locator

Paying for College

There are two major offices on campus that can help you through the process of paying for your college education.  Student Accounts can help you with questions about tuition payments and payment plans.  Financial Aid can help you find out what loans, grants, or scholarships you qualify for.

Student Accounts

Financial Aid


The best way to make a campus feel like home, is to get involved in a club or organization that you are interested in.  With over 400 options, you are bound to find something you want to be a part of!  Click on getconnected to get started!


Academic Help

We know you can be successful here at Mason but there may be a class or two that you find more challenging.  Don’t worry!  We can help! Check out Learning Services if you’re having a hard time figuring out your college study routine or time management process.  The Math Tutoring Center can help you with all of your lower level math courses!  Finally, the Writing Center on campus is really helpful, offering online and in person help with your papers.  In addition, a variety of different departments offer subject specific tutoring as well.

Math Tutoring Center:

Writing Center:

Learning Services: